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The iBox™ is the original Supra infrared keybox. Infrared technology allows DisplayKEYs, ActiveKEYs, and smartphones* to access the listing keys stored in the iBox key container. Real estate agents can simply point and beam their electronic key or eKEY™ enabled smartphone at the iBox to interact with it.

Each time an iBox is opened, both the key and iBox record the date, time and the identify of the keyholder. The information is delivered to Supra’s secure database and can be obtained using SupraWEB. The listing agent can also read the iBox to view recent access information.

The iBox offers the ability to customize showing hours. Another option may be set to require all showings be prescheduled with the listing agent.

*Many smartphones require the use of an eKEY Fob or eKEY Adapter to access the iBox.

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