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Fair Housing and Leases – 6 CORE

Fair Housing – 3 CORE CREDITS
9 am – 12 noon

Fair Housing is an intensive 3 hour core course that will satisfy 3 credit hours as required by the NJREC.  The course objective is to thoroughly review the Federal and State Fair Housing Laws and their application to real estate business practice.  The real estate professional taking this course will come away with an understanding of their legal and ethical responsibility of ensuring equal housing opportunity for all.

1 pm – 4 pm

An intensive 3 hour core course that will satisfy 3 Core Credit hours approved by the NJREC.  The goal of this course is to enhance the real estate professional’s understanding of their responsibilities to both the Landlord and  the Tenant in residential lease transactions, issues that can cause liability, and risk management.  This knowledge will enable agents to provide an enhanced level of professional service to their clients.

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