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Appraisal Presentation

Appraisal Presentation Sponsored by Debbie Maxwell of Mortgage Network Solutions on Monday, March 3 at 10 am at the Mercer County Association office.
Most lenders use an Appraisal Management Company DebbieMaxwellAppraisalSeminar(AMC) for the ordering of the appraisals.
The Appraisers deal directly with the AMC and any issues or disputes have to go through the AMC first.
Join us for a presentation by the Bill Donahue, the President of Olde City Appraisal Management Company.
He will give an overview that covers the underwriting of an appraisal down to the nitty gritty of appraisal issues.
Such as sales concessions, basements, and unusual properties. The presentation ends with a short PowerPoint on How to Dispute Appraisal.
Take Advantage of this opportunity to ask questions directly to an AMC.
To register call Anna at 609-392-3666 or email .

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