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Legislative Issues

The Mercer County Association of Realtors® (M.C.A.R®) is an active part of the legislative process in Mercer County. The Government Affairs staff monitors legislation and regulations to assess the impac on the real industry and REALTORS®.

The Assocations’ goal is to provide members with legislative monitoring and representation in Mercer County’s 13 municipalities. M.C.A.R. is able to keep you informed of the local issues that impact your business and work to ensure that your interest is represented in the municipal decision-making process.


Issues Currently being Reviewed by Legislative Committee

  • Informing M.C.A.R.’s members on local issues that affect realty practice in Mercer County’s 13 municipalities.
  • Providing a monthly e-newsletter to M.C.A.R. members on local ordinances and major redevelopment projects of interest to the realty community.
  • Facilitating meetings between M.C.A.R. members and municipal and/or county officials on various issues of concern on an as-needed basis.
  • Promoting M.C.A.R.’s views on proposed and/or enacted municipal ordinances to local officials.
  • Surveying M.C.A.R. members to ensure focus on municipal issues of greatest concern.
  • Monitoring, reviewing, and/or analyzing local legislation and regulations.
  • Representing M.C.A.R. members at various county and local meetings and functions.
  • Updating municipal meeting time table and representative contact information on M.C.A.R.’s Web site.
  • Working with M.C.A.R.’s legislative committee to coordinate municipal outreach with state and federal efforts.

Attending other activities that support the political and legislative objectives of M.C.A.R. members.

Weekly News

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